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Hexes & Bows Reviews: Dungeon Dressing Dice

Hexes & Bows Reviews: Dungeon Dressing Dice

March 6, 2018

It's been a while since we had the pleasure of talking about a fantastic Kickstarter, but wait no longer!  Dungeon Dressing Dice is Hexes & Bows' latest review and boy was it fun to demo!

Gnome plays single player on this episode and shares his thoughts and experience with Incognito Solutions Inc.'s tabletop accessory: Dungeon Dressing Dice.

Now, let's first just start off with the fact that dice are fun to collect, so if you're just looking to add a unique set of dice to your already multiplying collection, this one's a bit of a no-brainer to invest in!

However, if you want something that is not only durable, functional, AND fun, definitely look into picking up a set of Dungeon Dressing Dice.  Listen to the episode for the complete review!

Dungeon Dressing Dice has 12 days left on Kickstarter and is already funded!  Check them out here and follow on twitter!

Gnome also takes a moment to make an announcement regarding Hexes & Bows new project: Hexes & Bows Actual Play Podcast!  The characters are cast and the stage is set!  H&B will be playing a homebrew D&D 5e game with a great cast of characters and a brand new world!

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Hexes & Bows S2E1: New Year, New Campaign!

Hexes & Bows S2E1: New Year, New Campaign!

January 21, 2018

With new dice, new projects, and new cast members, the Hexes & Bows Podcast is ready to surprise attack 2018!

We're beyond thrilled to be recording and sharing our geeky content with you and cannot thank you enough for your continued support. We sincerely hope the winter holiday season kept you in good spirits and, perhaps, introduced you to new games! We've got lots of updates to share in this episode including some details regarding our actual play podcast, a new podcast release schedule, and a brand new cast member!

After the announcements you'll find an excellent discussion about the impact of playing board games as a child may have impacted our lives as adults, sharing the love of tabletop gaming by introducing the hobby to family, how gamers can be involved with local communities and promote gaming in a positive light, and of course, Overwatch. Because... Overwatch (GO DYNASTY!).

We end the episode with two questions for you, dearest adventurer:

  1. How do you think gaming (tabletop) has influenced your life, especially if you were introduced to the hobby at an early age?
  2. Do you run/host/create tabletop gaming events for your community (after school programs, nursing homes, charity...)? If so, share with us the details!

Thank you so much for helping us make Hexes & Bows in 2017. Your support, kindness, and love of gaming continue to motivate us in improving the show for you. We can't wait to share all of our new projects with you and we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy creating them!

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H&B Podcast Episode 10: with Tales from the Fandom Podcast host David Ginsburg

H&B Podcast Episode 10: with Tales from the Fandom Podcast host David Ginsburg

December 4, 2017

Is this a podcast or an interview? Not really sure, but it was an absolute pleasure having Gnome chat tabletop gaming with the host of Tales from the Fandom podcast, David Ginsburg! 

David interviews different guests from every fandom imaginable on his podcast, so Gnome flipped the table and turned the questions on him! Learn about David's favorite fandoms, his passions and experience in tabletop gaming, upcoming actual-play podcasts, now-successful Kickstarters, old school role-playing, and much more

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The Clickables

Action Cats!
Tales from the Five Nations Podcast

Topics Discussed

Firefly, Brooklyn 9-9, Eberron, Keith Baker, Inspectors, Fiasco, Numenera, Tales from the Loop, Savage Worlds, Action Cats, Schleyscapes, Dungeons and Dragons, Vampire the Masquerade, The Last Airbender, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, My Little Pony, Ikea, AOL Roleplay, InsaneJournal

Audience Question

Our question to you is: do you roleplay? Have you roleplayed? What got you into roleplay? Is it something that you discuss publicly? We'd love to hear your experience regarding this! Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

H&B Reviews: Cantrip Candles

H&B Reviews: Cantrip Candles

November 25, 2017

Hexes & Bows Podcast is BACK! We are beyond thrilled to be back behind the mic talking tabletop shop! Tara and Gnome team up to review Cantrip Candles, created by Christoff Visscher! These scents aid in immersion gameplay for your tabletop adventures and boy do they trigger some great gaming memories! Give this episode a listen and try out Cantrip Candles for yourself at: http://www.cantripcandles.com.

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Twitter: @cantripcandles
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Important Upcoming Dates:

December 8, 2017: Extra Life 24 hour charity gaming marathon begins at 8PM CST on twitch.tv/gnomedic! Help us raise $1,000 for sick and injured kids at CMNHospitals! We'll have raffle prizes such as dice, dice mats, painted miniatures, and more for donors and will be playing a D&D 1-shot audience-participation game, along with games like Overwatch and Minecraft. Come play games, cheer us on, and help raise money for amazing kids! 100% of proceeds goes Extra Life. You can donate here!

December 16, 2017: Hexes & Bows Live D&D 5e Campaing on twitch.tv/gnomedic continues! Join Grohl, Talial, Teak, Makaria, Ricochet, and new adventurers Lyllah and Bulwas, as they finally sit down and uncover the mystery of the Feywild Queen, Subu. Show starts at 5PM CST!

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H&BP Interview with One Shot’s James D’Amato!

H&BP Interview with One Shot’s James D’Amato!

August 2, 2017

Hexes & Bows Podcast sits down with the ever talented and creative James D'Amato from One Shot Podcast! We learn more about his journey into epic podcasting, storytelling, and, his newest Kickstarter campaign: Dungeon Dome! (More info coming soon)

H&B Podcast Game Review: Manicdotes

H&B Podcast Game Review: Manicdotes

June 5, 2017

hexesandbows.com Gnome and Tara get their hands on Manicdotes! This social, storytelling card game is a fun way to kickstart your gamenight. Players tell tall tales to tally points against one another by using 5 pre-selected words from a deck of cards. Opponents listen to the story closely and try to decipher which words used were from the card! These Hexes & Bows Podcast co-hosts take their time in playing and reviewing Manicdotes as honestly and openly as possible! Manicdotes is available for purchase on Amazon.com!

RPG Book Interview with Author Tristan Zimmerman

RPG Book Interview with Author Tristan Zimmerman

June 1, 2017

In this special podcast, Gnome sits down with co-author Tristan Zimmerman of Archive: Historical People, Places, and Events for RPGs which is available on Kickstarter until June 5th! Learn how to use this tremendous RPG resource book to craft rich, detailed, and memorable experiences and NPCs in your next RPG campaign setting!

H&B Podcast Reviews: Die Hard (Dice!)

H&B Podcast Reviews: Die Hard (Dice!)

May 25, 2017

hexesandbows.com's Tara and Joey review some legendary dice from Die Hard Dice at dieharddice.com! Nothing makes a statement at the gaming table when you pull out some metal dice and let them roll! The thundering sound adds an element of flare and Die Hard Dice delivers you some of the best dice we've gotten our hands on! From their enchanted-relic looking glow-in-the-dark dice to their very own custom mold d6s, Die Hard offers good deals and creative ways to enhance your tabletop gaming experience!

Episode 009: Star Wars Talk with guest Darryl Vincent

Episode 009: Star Wars Talk with guest Darryl Vincent

May 22, 2017

www.hexesandbows.com Mandalorian Merc Costume Club member and Star Wars expert, Darryl Vincent, joins the Hexes & Bows cast in today's episode! Due to technical difficulties (blame it on the Jawas) much of the footage was lost. However, thanks to a diligent gnome and some digital duct tape, we're still able to enjoy the conversation with Darryl about his experiences with Star Wars: X-Wing, Clone Wars, and some old-fashioned AOL roleplaying! We appreciate your patience with this episode and hope you enjoy it!

Darksilver Forge Dice Review

Darksilver Forge Dice Review

May 15, 2017


Join Mr. and Mrs. Gnome as they test out and review two legendary metal dice sets by Darksilver Forge! Use code "hexes" at checkout for 10% off your entire order at www.darksilverforge.com!