Episode 008: Did Someone Say Kickstarter?

May 8, 2017

hexesandbows.com In this week's episode of Hexes & Bows Podcast we wrangle up almost the full cast and dive headfirst into Kickstarters we're super excited for! We also touch on our recent C2E2 adventures, chat about Star Wars roleplaying games (hey, it was May 4th, we had to!), and lay out some plans for the future of Hexes & Bows!

Adventure Scents Review

May 1, 2017

Hexes & Bows Podcast reviews tabletop enhancement products from Adventure Scents! www.hexesandbows.com For our first review podcast, H&BP hosts Joey and Tara team up to test and share their experience with Adventure Scents! Adventure Scents is a product made by Jennifer Howlett to help better immerse your players at any roleplaying game table by using scented pearls to match the setting! There are 60 scents to choose from, but we'll be reviewing eight of them today including Mummy's Tomb, Pirate Ship, and Magic Shoppe! Does this product enhance your tabletop gaming experience? Listen to today's episode and find out, then check out Adventure Scents for yourself and let us know what you think: www.adventurescents.com

Episode 007: Extra Life United!

April 10, 2017

Visit www.hexesandbows.com for more podcasts, live D&D tabletop gaming, and tabletop news and reviews! This episode of Hexes & Bows Podcast steps away from the world of tabletop gaming to discuss the extraordinary charity event known as Extra Life United! Join Gnome and Hansard as they recall their experiences at Coronado Springs Resort in Disney, Orlando, Florida! *Be advised, there is some adult language used after 00:49:00 as the conversation moves away from Extra Life.* Follow us on social media! Instagram: @hexes_and_bows Twitter: @hexesnbows Facebook: facebook.com/hexesandbowsgaming

Episode 006: Ambience and NPCs

April 5, 2017

Check us out at www.hexesandbows.com! Better late than never! H&B Podcast returns with Tim, Joe, and Hansard to talk about current Kickstarter games, how to set the mood for your gaming table, and the thought process behind developing memorable NPCs. H&B Podcast will resume it's weekly episodes as normal, releasing every Monday for your listening pleasure! Thanks for listening!

Episode 005: When is a Quest Not a Quest?

March 13, 2017

Did someone say roleplaying? Yes! Hexes & Bows Podcast finally starts roleplaying with special guest Chris from Car Bomb Podcast! hexesandbows.com We're joined today by variety podcaster Chris from Car Bomb Podcast. Us Americans are taught a thing or two about Tim Hortons and the paranoia and curse of playing "roll up the rim." We also get a little serious and inquire about making roleplaying games more accessible by using American Sign Language. While we don't have any real answers, please inform us if you or someone you know plays any sort of TRPG while using ASL, we'd love to learn more! This week Kickstarter recommendations include Companion's Tale, Innocents, and Shore of Anaverde Card Set. Be sure to listen to learn more about these interesting games! Now, we know we've been talking about roleplaying on the show, but tonight we finally begin! Sit back and listen to the stories of a group of NPC townsfolk kibitzing and kvelling in the Scroll and Bottle tavern hidden above a bookstore. What happens when the city of Galter's Mayor decides to squander away all of their taxes on a giant, singular diamond?

Episode 004: 50 Shades of Gaming

March 6, 2017

Check us out at hexesandbows.com! Today's episode of the Hexes & Bows Podcast is a little special! Mr. and Mrs. Gnome have a solid heart-to-heart conversation about the influence, benefits, and importance of gaming in a relationship. Being open and using communication builds a stable relationship, but so does sharing a common hobby! Learn how Tara and Joey worked through hurdles in finding just the right game together and how gaming keeps their 10-year relationship stronger and more exciting than ever! Leave a comment if there's a game you and your significant other love to play together!

Episode 003: Roll to Seduce Centaur

February 27, 2017

For more H&B tabletop fun, check out our website: hexesandbows.com or follow us on twitter: @hexesnbows *This episode contains some strong language Fill your ears with the sweet, sultry voices of Gnome, Tim, Hansard, and first time co-host, Tara (aka Mrs. Gnome!). There's plenty to talk about today, with topics ranging from roleplaying in non-roleplaying games, zombies, zombies, zombies!, and Gnome's personal favorite topic of late 80s / early 90s childhood board games! This week's Kickstarter Spotlight showcases the very cool, very large game by ODAM Publishing called The Shared Dream. Listen to the podcast, see if it interests you, then head to their Kickstarter page and pledge! Act fast, because by the time this posts, the game has only 2 days left (but it's already been funded!). Is there a game you'd love to dig up from the attic or repurchase in order to play again? Let us know in the comments!

Episode 002: Roll Baby Roll

February 18, 2017

During this episode, the Hexes & Bows Podcast team talks about the geeky culture of dice superstitions! It's real (it's not) and it effects all kinds of games and gamers! We also discuss some interesting Kickstarter tabletop gaming campaigns as well as set the stage for our roleplaying campaign at the end of the episode! For more information, articles, stories, podcasts, and live D&D games, head to www.hexesandbows.com! Follow us on Twitter @hexesnbows and be sure to leave a comment about the various topics mentioned in this week's podcast! Thanks so much for listening! See you next week!

Episode 001: A New Campaign

February 14, 2017

This week on the Hexes & Bows Podcast, Gnome, Hansard, Tim, and Joe discuss their favorite childhood boardgames and other games that influence their lives today. We learn that Joe's a bit too competitive and Gnome despises Risk. Enjoy some humor mixed in with learning more about the people that make up Hexes & Bows. There is no roleplaying this week, but stick around for Episode 002 when the adventure begins in the merchant town of Galter!